Zoe Penguin - Wireless Speaker, Soother & Nightlight

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Zoe will comfort your little one with music and stories wherever you go. Zoe is also a nighlight for the nursery and has 5 pre-programmed melodies. Womb sound with heartbeat, white noise, nature sound, lounge music and 3 traditional lullabies.

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Zoe Penguin Wireless Speaker & Nightlight - Grey

Zoe is a wireless speaker & nightlight with 5 pre programmed melodies.

Meet Zoe:

  • Wireless speaker. Play unlimited songs and stories via the wireless speaker.
  • 5 pre-programmed melodies. Womb sound with heartbeat, white noise, nature sound, lounge music and 3 traditional lullabies.
  • Nightlight. Zoë’s head is a nightlight, with 2 brightness settings.
  • Activates upon crying. The voice activated sound sensor will switch on sound and or light if your child wakes up.
  • Auto shut-off. Sound and light will automatically shut off after 20 minutes.
  • ZAZU playlists. Feel free to use our carefully selected playlists



    • Age recommendation: 0+ months

    Zazu Zoe Play Songs and Stories

    Play songs and stories

    The wireless speaker allows you to play your child’s favourite music and stories.

    Zazu Zoe Falling Asleep
    Falling asleep

    Zoë can soothe your child to sleep with music. The soft ligt comforts your child during the night.

    Zazu Zoe On the Go

    On the go

    Attach Zoë to your stroller or the carseat to make sure she can soothe your child wherever you go.

    Technical Info

    • Operated by a rechargeable battery & USB cable (included)
    • Measurements: 16 x 10 x 5 cm
    • Zoë is tested according to international regulations

      About ZAZU

      Zazu s Dutch brand developing products for children, helping them ánd their parents to get a good night’s sleep. Founders Nynke Bakker and Sven van der Veen, both parents of 3 young children, teamed up in 2013 and set up their own brand of children’s products:

      “Having children is very special. It is wonderful to see your little ones develop from cute huggable babies, to mini-persons making jokes, having endless energy and showing a character of their own! But these same things can make parenting quite challenging as well, while let’s not forget, sweet and funny as they are, at 5 am in the morning for example it feels completely different!

      Young children need time to learn all the grown-up stuff. But we can help them a little! Often handing children a little bit of extra structure, comfort of confidence can really help to get parenting back to the fun parts. And that is what ZAZU is aiming for!”