Y'Omi SpiderSnuggle Comforter

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What is the Y'Omi SpiderSnuggle Comforter?

Hand Crafted SpiderSnuggle Comforters that will not only sooth baby but provide them with various tactile stimuli.

This Limited-Edition Y'Omi product is as unique as it is scarce. Only four Y'Omi SpiderSnuggle Comforters are available on a first come, first serve basis.

The Spiders body is a choice between tactile corduroy, silky velvet or soft fleece filled with Unicurl. Legs are a mix of 100% cotton with a few silk and fleece inbetween providing varous tactile sensations for baby.

The soft fleece head filled with a mixture of recycled off-cut material and Unicurl. The 8 legs are a mix of 100% cotton with a few silk and fleece in between, providing various tactile sensations. The legs are stuffed with ultra-soft batting.

Your Y'Omi SpirderSnuggle won't only look great in the nursery with their various colours, patterns and textures. But they will provide baby with hours of soothing comfort and tactile stimulation - whilst also growing into their adventure travel companion.

Four Unique Editions:

Limited Edition 1:

  • Orange Corduroy Body with matching legs in Blue Pocodot Satin, Brown Stars , Red Leaves and Green Swirls Cotton

Limited Edition 2:

  • Orange Corduroy Body with matching legs in Green Swirl, Brown Stars, Mint Green and Beige Swirls Cotton

Limited Edition 3:

  • Grey Velvet Body with matching legs in White Silky Satin, Lime Green Flowers, Grey Swirls and Turquoise Striped Cotton

Limited Edition 4:

  • Charcoal Fleece Body with matching legs in Blue Pocodot Satin, Speckled Grey, Purple Circles and Brown Weave Cotton

Product Benefits at a Glance:

  • The SpiderSnuggles 8 legs are made from various textured materials - stimulating babies tactile senses
  • The Spiders body is made from various sturdy tactile materials
  • From favourite soother to favourite toy; a SpiderSnuggle will keep your little one company throughout childhood
  • Free from choking hazards, unlike regular soft toys

About Y'Omi!

Y'Omi creates gorgeous classical baby products made by loving, caring and experienced hands - that know how to warm a little ones heart.
All Y’Omi products are made in limited quantities and no two items are the same.

Y’Omi products are hand-knitted, hand-quilted or hand-sewn, likely in front of an episode of the Bold and the Beautiful. The ouma’s behind Y’Omi have, between them, thousands of years of knitting experience. They might look sweet and slow, but hand them a pair of knitting needles and stand back – because they wield their tools like ninja masters. Often finishing a row, whilst sleeping!

One ouma was even caught attempting a reverse cross-stitch, whilst deeply engrossed in a Romance Novel.

But whatever quirks and strange habits these golden oldies have, boy do they know how to create something with the warmth and love only ‘Ouma Magic’ can deliver.
Y'Omi products are true hand-crafted, lovingly-nurtured and expertly enhanced baby products - FROM Ouma's Hands TO Babba's Crib.

Why does my baby need a self-soother?

You can't really teach your baby how to self-soothe, but you can provide him with a comforting, tactile object to help him to teach himself. Developing the ability to soothe himself to sleep will enable your baby to snooze for longer stretches. It will also help him to put himself back to sleep when he naturally wakes up during the night, allowing him to get the rest he needs to grow and thrive. What's more, self-soothing is an important life skill that will serve your baby well not just at bedtime but also in other situations, such as when he's separated from you or when he's frustrated or fussy.


It is best to hand wash your Y'Omi SpiderSnuggle in lukewarm water with a soft detergent, no bleach and no spin dry.
Dry outside.

Product Origins:

Born in the gorgeous Overberg Region of the Western Cape - Y'Omi products are 100% proudly South Africa and make use of only the finest quality materials.


56cm Leg Diameter

12xm x 12cm Circular Body