Y'Omi Play Blanket - Retro Red 49

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Hand quilted cotton play blanket, quilted on soft padding creates a cushioned baby play zone.
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About the Y'Omi Play Blanket

Hand quilted cotton play blanket, quilted on soft padding creates a cushioned baby play zone.

Each one of the Y'Omi play blankets contains its own unique theme, ranging from designs from yesteryear up until today. Ideal for at-home, in the nursery or travelling - the Y'Omi play blanket is both visually stunning but practical too. Soft & cushioned, the Y'Omi play blanket is ideal as a light breathable blanket or as a soft-padded play-mat.


This classic red play blanket has 49 quiltered squares containing a variety of single image characters. From an elephant, to the smiling sun, a teddy bear, a tiger, a pig-tailed girl with her toys, a dog, basket of flowers and hearts. A one-of-a-kind theme. This retro design was found in Granny's attic and then gently hand-quilted like only a loving Ouma can do. A unique theme that is mainly red with touches of baby blue, green and yellow. The border and underside are also red.


98cm x 102cm


  • Hand-made items always prefer to be hand-washed,
  • Air dry / Hang-Dry.

Who isY'Omi?

The Y'Omi brand is the brainchild of perennial businesswomen - Yvon Hunter - who a pre-octogenarian herself knows all about the impressive processing power of an Ouma in a rocking chair.

Y'Omi creates gorgeous classical baby products made by loving, caring and experienced hands - that know how to warm a little ones heart.

All Y’Omi products are made in limited quantities and each one carries a unique code. A code that denotes the Initials of the Ouma who hand-crafted that specific product and the date of their birth.  Ensuring each Y'omi product comes infused with a vibrant and rich story, A story that in turn reignites a family heirloom for every new generation.

Y’Omi products are hand-knitted, hand-quilted or hand-sewn, likely in front of an episode of the Bold and the Beautiful. The ouma’s behind Y’Omi have, between them, thousands of years of knitting experience. They might look sweet and slow, but hand them a pair of knitting needles and stand back – because they wield their tools like ninja masters. Often finishing a row, whilst sleeping! One ouma was even caught attempting a reverse cross-stitch, whilst deeply engrossed in a Romance Novel.

The ouma's at Y'omi are pleasant and friendly company but some do have a dark side. Once I foolishly asked Ouma Magdalien for her secret peanut butter biscuit recipe and seconds later a spatula whizzed past my left ear. Another time I commented how old people shouldn’t be allowed to drive, only to have Granny Enid impale my foot with the bottom of her walker.

But whatever quirks and strange habits these golden oldies have, boy do they know how to create something with the warmth and love only ‘Ouma Magic’ can deliver.

Y'Omi is true hand-crafted, lovingly-nurtured and expertly enhanced baby products - FROM Ouma's FOR Babba's.