Spry Infant Tooth Gel

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Use from age 3 months and up.

Spry Infant Tooth Gel is safe to swallow, fluoride-free AND great tasting with all natural ingredients. The gel offers the clinically proven benefits of Xylitol to provide tooth-strengthening calcium and protect and strengthen developing teeth. Spry Infant Tooth Gel has been specifically developed to be used in building the oral health of infants and children and, used regularly, it supports the development of healthy tooth enamel. Recommended by dentist and dental hygienist.

How does Spry Infant Tooth Gel work?

Spry’s delicious, all-natural infant tooth gel contains an effective amount of Xylitol (35%). This helps control and reduce levels of the bacteria that causes tooth decay. It also contains Calcium Glycerophosphate, which the Xylitol uses for strengthening the enamel of emerging teeth. Xylitol acts as a “carrier” for Calcium and Phosphates, the primary minerals in tooth enamel.

Kids love the naturally sweet taste of Xylitol, making this the ideal way to make toothbrushing fun!

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Why is it so important to use Xylitol as early as possible?

Dr. John Peldyak, a paediatric Dentist, leading Xylitol researcher & author answers the question in this short video…