Mother Nature Nursing Pads

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Mother Nature Nursing Pads

A pack of 4 washable, super absorbent nursing pads for breastfeeding mums.

What do you get if you combine a layer of unbleached cotton with high density bamboo toweling and a breathable waterproof backing? The answer is the most comfortable (and economic!) washable nursing pads on the market!

Natural cotton against your body will sooth inflammation and will not irritate sensitive skin. It also acts as a stay-dry barrier, drawing moisture through its natural fibers and into the super thirsty bamboo toweling sandwiched underneath. The 100% natural and sustainable Bamboo Toweling used by Mother Nature in all of their products has natural antibacterial properties, feels silky soft, and is highly absorbent. This miracle fabric is 3 times the density of blended bamboo which makes it 3 times more absorbent and 3 times more durable over time.

Finally, a breathable waterproof layer will ensure that all leaks are contained within the nursing pads, keeping you cool and stress-free.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Super absorbent
  • Trim with natural coloring - invisible under any outfit
  • Feel-Dry Effect
  • Breathable waterproofing
  • Un-bleached, natural cotton against your skin (wonderful for sensitive skins and sore nipples)
  • Economical and durable
  • Easy to wash

Directions for use: 

Cold or warm wash by hand. Lightly iron on the un-bleached cotton side to reshape. Do not tumble dry.


12cm diameter

Why do I need nursing pads?

Are you pregnant and preparing to breastfeed your baby? If so, you will need to decide what type of nursing pads you want to use. You can get by without them for the first few days; however as your milk comes in you will need nursing pads to protect your clothes. It takes a while for your milk to become regulated so you may need to wear breast pads for a few months.

Your breasts will leak milk in between feedings and anytime that you have gone a few hours between a feeding. It is also normal to have your milk leak if you hear a baby crying or its near the time your baby would normally feed.

It is important to keep your nipples are dry as possible. A stay-dry layer, maximum absorbancy, and a breathable outer are essential to protect your nipples from getting sore or growing yeast.