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The unique two-sided opening of the Fancypants pocket means that you don't even have to remove the inserts from the nappy before washing. Simply throw the nappy in the machine and the inserts will agitate out of the pocket as they wash.
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Fancypants cloth nappies are reusable, sleeve-style nappies made with a soft stylish waterproof outer fabric and lined with a plush 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton material. Each nappy comes ready-to-wear from birth to potty independence with two highly absorbent microfibre inserts.

Fanypants cloth nappies all-in-one design is easy to use as there are no separate covers or pull ups, so changing your baby is fast and simple. Simply stuff the insert inside the pocket of the nappy, place under babies bum and fasten it along the waist, similar to the way you would fasten a disposable diaper.  When soiled, the unique two-sided opening of the Fancypants pocket means that you don't even have to remove the inserts from the nappy before washing. Simply throw the nappy in the machine and the inserts will agitate out of the pocket as they wash.

Unlike disposables, Fancypants cloth nappies contain no harmful absorbency or bleaching chemicals, and are lined with a oh-so-soft bamboo/cotton blend so that only natural materials touch your baby’s delicate skin. This means that these nappies are not only super comfortable to wear, they are also the healthiest diapering choice for your baby.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Easy-to-use sleeve design - with unique, two-sided pocket opening for easy washing
  • Each nappy comes with two, highly absorbent microfiber inserts
  • Durable snap closures at the waist are long lasting
  • Stretchy cover for a snug fit
  • Less bulky. Anyone who has used a reusable cloth nappy will tell you that they can be bulky. The Mumtrepreneurs at Fancypants have solved this problem by designing a nappy that is not only super absorbent and soft, but slim enough that your baby can still fit into his pants!
  • Fully adjustable; fitting most babies from birth to potty training
  • Four rows of easy-to-adjust snaps, allowing for a proper fit at the legs and the waist.
  • Can save you up to R16000 compared to using disposables!
  • Machine washable
  • As easy to use as disposables!

Product Origins:

Designed by two Mums with lots of cloth nappy experience: As two first time mothers, the Fancypants Mum-trepreneurs quickly became aware of the fact that many of the things that they had used in the past (such as chemicals in household cleaning products, body lotions, non-organic foods, etc.) had harmful components in them that were not suitable for theri precious little ones. And disposable nappies were no exception. So began their journey of trying to find the best products for their babies, including finding a suitable real nappy. After much searching and trial-ling and not being able to find a re-usable cloth nappy that was environmentally friendly; yet affordable, highly absorbent; yet not too bulky, safe for baby’s skin; yet easy enough for dads to use, really cute and fun to wear; yet easy to wash………they decided to make their own. Thus, Fancypants was born!


    What is a Sleeve Cloth Nappy?
    It’s hard to beat the revolutionary design of sleeve nappies when it comes to convenience, ease of use, and comfort for your baby. These diapers keep your baby's skin dry and rash-free, are easy to use, and dry quickly. In fact, when stuffed and ready to use, most parents will swear that these nappies are just as easy to use as disposables!

    Sleeve Nappies are a two part diapering system.

    Part 1: The nappy cover
    Sleeve nappy covers are the Ferrari of diaper covers. They are made up of two layers; which makes them really quick to dry. The outer layer is a supple, breathable fabric (generally polyester or cotton) that is laminated for complete waterproofing. The inner layer is butter-soft microfleece or suedecloth which actually works to draw moisture away from baby’s sensitive skin. These nappies come with snap fastenings or with Velcro. All the functional parts inside the nappy are encased in the cozy inner layer so that only the softest of the soft touches your baby’s skin. Between the two layers is an opening, accessible through the front and back of the nappy (depending on style). This is the “sleeve” of the nappy. Which brings us to the insert..

    Part 2: The insert
    Inserts are what you put into the sleeve of the nappy to work as the absorbent core. The sleeve holds the insert in place so that absorbency is where absorbency is needed most. The best part is; what you use as an insert is completely adjustable to suit your baby’s needs and your budget! Custom made inserts can be found in bamboo, microfleece, cotton etc. each with its own benefits, but any absorbent material can be used as a sleeve nappy insert; you can even use an old towel!

    Washing & Care:

    The “yuck factor” normally associated with washing real nappies has been drastically reduced with Fancypants Cloth Nappies. The double opening pocket means you don’t have to touch any poo. Simply remove baby’s soiled nappy, throw any large or solid pieces of poo into the toilet and toss the dirty nappy into a dry bucket with a lid. When its laundry time, dump the contents of the bucket into the washing machine and put the washing machine on a cold water rinse cycle or quick wash (no detergent needed for this first rinse). This step will remove the ‘yucky’ stuff. Then wash the nappies with detergent at 30-40 degrees on a normal cycle. You can add an extra rinse if you like to ensure no detergent builds up on the nappies or inserts. The specially designed inserts will agitate out of the pocket during the washing cycle so no need for you to remove them beforehand. Then simply hang the nappies and inserts out to dry in the sun or tumble dry on a low setting and grab yourself a cup of coffee!

    Please Note:
    Fancy Pants reusable cloth nappies are made to last (and they really do!) but the way in which you wash and care for your nappies will ensure they perform well for longer. Remember:

    • We recommend washing your Fancypants cloth nappies one time prior to first use. This will remove any residue from the manufacturing process
    • Natural bum creams, such as Mother Nature's Barrier Balm or the Pure Beginnings Bum Cream, are safe to use with cloth nappies. However please do not use regular bum cream with your cloth nappies as it will interfere with the absorbency of the nappy. If you need to use any medicinal creams or ointments on your baby's skin, place a liner (reusable or disposable) in the nappy to protect the absorbent fabric from the cream
    • There is no need to soak the nappies in any type of sterilizing solution as this will interfere with the absorbency of the materials