Bubs for Babes Dummy Clips

Bubs for Babes
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The Bubs for Babes Dummy Clips will ensure that your baby and their dummy stay together, no matter what

The Bubs for Babes Dummy Clips

The Bubs for Babes Dummy Clips will ensure that your baby and their dummy stay together, no matter what. During waking hours the dummy clip ensures that the dummy follows your baby around like a loyal puppy. And when your baby needs to self-soothe, or go to sleep, the clip will keep dummy close by.

The Bubs for Babes Dummy Clips have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they are fit for duty. They have even faced some of the most trying environments known to man, including the storm to top all storms - The Child Tantrum. And we are happy to report that they emerged the other side - attached, intact and ready to offer a soothing solution.

The Bubs Dummy Clip is not only practical but stylish too, The Bubs Dummy Clip pack contains 2 dummy clips.

Pack Colours:

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Beige

Don't be a dummy, get Dummy Clips

Self-Soothing: In young babies and toddlers, sucking is a wonderful means of self soothing. If your baby has chosen dummies as a favourite calming tool, you will want the beloved dummy to be easily accessible
No dirty dummy: A Dummy Clip can solve the problem of always having to suck the dirt of your child's dirty dummy
No dummy left behind: Trust us, lost dummies make the missing sock search seem like child's play. With a Dummy Clip, in order to to find the dummy, just find the child
Sleep: If your young baby gets tired when you are out or while in a pram, the Dummy Clip will ensure his sleep tool, the dummy, is readily available

    How to use your Bubs for Babes Dummy Clips

    Connect the metal clip to your baby’s clothing or Taglet. Attach the dummy to the loop at the end of the ribbon.

    Ideal for:

    • All babies that choose a dummy as their favourite self-soothing tool
    • ESSENTIAL for all their parents, who prefer not to play 'hide and seek' with their childs dummy