Bam+Boo Fitted Nappy

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As the name suggests, a fitted nappy is one where the nappy has elastic around the waist for a great fit. No folding required. They are shaped like disposable nappies and close with snaps or Velcro. The Bam+Boo Fitted nappy is made entirely from ultra absorbing bamboo and cotton and are often called 'bomb proof'. The elastic at the legs makes them excellent at containing messes. Fitted Nappies require a separate, waterproof nappy cover.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Four rows of rise snaps in the front allow for small, medium, large and extra large sizing
  • Each nappy comes with two inserts. Inserts contain a bamboo and cotton mix. One insert snaps in with one snap whilst the other is loose
  • One-size-fits-all (5kgs - 17kgs+)
  • Nappy entirely made of bamboo and cotton making it ultra-absorbent

We love them because:

  • Comes with bamboo inserts for even more absorbency
  • You get that old school look and ultra-soft feel but without having to worry about getting the "folding" right
  • They can be used without the cover during the days for extra breathability but you have the nappy cover as a back-up to contain leaks
  • Built-in fasteners (Velcro) make for faster, easier nappy changes
  • These nappies are great to use with fleece and wool nappy covers, which are lovely and soft, and offer superior breathability


  • A fitted nappy combined with the correct size cover could be expected to last around 4+ hours and with additional boosters / inserts should be able to easily last overnight. They often contain runny newborn waste better than other nappy styles, including disposable because it uses a separate cover which acts as a second leak guard. They are generally the most absorbent nappies for night times because of their booster layers
  • The Fitted Nappy is the absorbent part and the Cover is the waterproof part

Ideal for:

  • When longer periods of protection are required such as night time or when travelling
  • Those who long for the retro 'prefolds or 'flats' LOOK but prefer their nappies contoured and with built in closures