African Baby Carrier Newborn

African Baby Carrier
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What is the African Baby Carrier - Newborn?

The African Baby Carrier Newborn range can be used from birth up until 9 months of age or 9kg's. Ideal for newborns the Mei Tai design, can accommodate babies legs in the first few weeks and the specially designed hood holds the child's head when sleeping and turns into a neck-roll to support the child's head when awake.

Additionally the African Baby Carrier provides strong support for the correct development of baby’s spine and hips.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Used from birth up until 9 months of age or 9kg’s
  • Incredibly light weight at 550 grams
  • Follows a Mei Tai design which can accommodate the babies legs in, in the first few weeks
  • The crotch section naturally adjust to the spread of the babies legs
  • Carrier is reversible on the design (plain or two-tone showing)
  • The specially designed hood holds the child’s head when sleeping, and can be turned into a neck roll to support the child’s head when awake
  • Machine washable as is on gentle 30 degree cycle
  • Design supports the development needs of the legs and spine for this age span

Ideally the baby should be carried on the front of the care giver during the first 5 months. Thereafter on the back.

Product Benefits at a Glance:

  • Facilitates and improves attachment and bonding
  • Lowers the incidence and severity of post natal depression
  • Reduces colic and crying
  • Mother’s heart beat and breathing support and stimulate baby’s physical functions
  • Excellent head and neck support
  • Splayed legs facilitate better development for hips, legs, and spine than dangling legs
  • Reduced incidence of, and improvement of existing, ‘flathead’
  • Reduced incidence of SIDS (cot death)
  • Improved milk supply as baby wearing increases lactation
  • Frees the care giver, allowing far greater freedom of movement and action than would a pram

Made in Africa with love

Product Origins:

This baby carrier is a pure African product, handmade from the finest and most durable cottons. Khanyisa Products, where African Baby Carriers are made, is an initiative which aims to teach previously disadvantaged woman, who already know a bit about sewing, how to use an industrial machine, enabling them to either earn a living form home or in the atelier.

Nozabathini was born in 1964 in Queenstown. She has 2 children and one grandchild. It was in Queenstown that she first was trained to sew. She worked as a machinist in a factory there until it closed, and then moved to Cape Town. Although a qualified machinist, her employment card – which at that time she, like all ‘non-white’ South Africans, was forced to carry under Apartheid Pass Laws – did not read machinist, and so she was unable to get work at the factory in Woodstock when she applied. Instead she worked as a domestic worker in Cape Town for a number of years. She says of her wishes for the future, and for African Baby Carrier: “I wish the business can grow so that I can become full-time. It’s nice to work here but it is not permanent because the business is not big. We would like it to grow.”

Nosakhele was born in Stellenbosch in 1965. She lives in Masiphumelele near Fish Hoek, as do her two daughters and 3 grandchildren. As a child, she spent time in Beaufort, and three years with an aunt in Cape Town. She learnt sewing from her mother when she was 16 years old, and from that time it became her dream to sew for a living. She worked in a bakery for 5 years and as a domestic worker for 3 years, but held her dream of sewing alive, until she found work with Khanyisa Products. Nosakhele also makes beautiful clothes for clients.


Machine-wash at 30 C.